Research on dynamic systems

  • Characterization of rotordynamic behaviour (centrifuges, shafts, turbochargers etc.)
  • Modeling nonlinear vibration processes e.g. through bearings, contact, material properties etc.
  • Experimental determination of stiffness and damping characteristics
  • Measurement of structural vibrations in stationary AND rotating systems
  • Diagnosis of rolling bearing damage
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Fluid-structure interaction

  • Dynamic FEM simulation
  • Multi-body simulation with rigid and elastic components
  • Integration of non-linear bearing properties (sleeve bearings, rolling bearings, air bearings, etc.)
  • Holistic description of structure and bearings
  • Modeling of temperature changes in bearings and structure
  • Interaction between air flow and structural vibration
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  • Numerical and experimental analysis of unbalance states
  • Design of processes for rigid and elastic balancing
  • Design of automatic balancing units (fluid balancer or ball balancer)
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Predictive simulation of friction welding

  • Numerical simulation of manufacturing processes, in particular rotary friction welding
  • Holistic combination of approaches of technical mechanics, numerics, thermodynamics, tribology and materials engineering
  • Analysis, design and optimization of the friction welding process
  • Experimental identification of the thermomechanical material properties
  • more information ...

Analysis of suspension components / e-mobility

  • Multi-body simulation of vehicle dynamics resulting from changes in mass distribution in e-mobility (batteries, drive concepts)
  • Experimental determination of wheel forces using a 6-component measuring wheel
  • Strain gauge measurements for the determination of chassis loads
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