Chair of Computational Mechanics

Head of the Chair:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Daniel Juhre

Building 10, Room 038
Telephone: +49 391 67 52905
Telefax: +49 391 67 12439                                                                                      



Madeleine Ruhbaum
Building 10, Room 010
Telephone: +49 391 67 58608




The field of computational mechanics is concerned with the investigation and development of numerical, computer-oriented methods as well as the associated algorithms and analysis software to solve engineering problems whose physical behavior can be described by adequate mathematical models. The integrated approach of theory, experiments and numerics in addition to the use of modern computer technology have decisively shaped this area of expertise. The availability of highly powerful analysis systems ranging from personal computers to super computers which are capable of vector and parallel processors in combination with advances in area of theory, metrology and experimental mechanics has enabled new possibilities for virtual design and simulation of complex, intelligent products and processes. It has also become possible to develop realistic computer models for complex systems, with the aid of such models the system behaviour can be accurately described and analysed under different operating conditions. The resulting analysis provides deeper insights and knowledge which lead to further improvement and optimisation of the products and processes. The virtual product development is playing an important and signifcant role in industry as it drastically reduces development time and costs.


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