Head of Chair
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dr. h. c. mult. Holm Altenbach

Manuela Schildt


Engineering mechanics is the branch of mechanics, which deals with the implementation of the basic statements of mechanics in applied problems. Here, among other things stresses and strains in deformable bodies are determined or movements are studied, often being intuitive considered as solids. Engineering mechanics is closely related to mathematics (especially analysis and numerical solution methods). At the same time there are interactions with branches of physics with materials science and other engineering sciences (eg. as fluid mechanics and thermodynamics).

The theoretical foundation is given by the geometric description of movements and strains by the definition of internal and external stresses and formulating balances or in the simplest case of conservation laws. Here, basic (universal) statements on mass, momentum, angular momentum, energy and entropy are the focal points. The from experience well-known fact, that different materials and matters show a different response to stress, is expressed in specific approaches for the constitutive laws. This area comes to the focus of research more and more.

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