Project-, Bachelor- /Master theses

Offers for project work and theses for students of Mechanical engineering


In the current main research areas of the chair there are many interesting topics that can be worked on independently by students as a bachelor, project or master thesis. If you are interested in a challenging and state of the art research work, please contact the following list of contact persons.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Daniel Juhre:

Possible topics:


Dr.-Ing. Sascha Duczek:

Possible topics:

  • Further development and implementation of fictitious area methods
  • Finite cell methods
  • Coupling strategies
  • High order shape functions
  • Wave propagation


  • Interest in programming
  • Basic knowledge of finite element method (FEM)


Dr.-Ing. Fabian Duvigneau:

Possible topics:

  • Potential analysis of innovative acoustic metamaterials
  • Acoustics of wheel hub motors
  • Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA)
  • Simulation of poroelastic materials using Biot-Model
  • Influence of moisture on the effectiveness of acoustic insulation materials


Example theses


The following are some of the work that is completed by students under the chair of computational mechanics. The listed work should serve as a positive example of how a student theses should look.

Rothe, Sebastian: Einfluss unterschiedlicher Dämpfungsverteilung auf die Schallabstrahlcharakteristik von Platten, Masterarbeit, OvGU Magdeburg, 2015.

Blech, Christopher: Passive Schwingungsberuhigung einer Plattenstruktur mit Hilfe der Methode der „Akustischen Schwarzen Löcher", Masterarbeit, OvGU Magdeburg, 2014.



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